The following are national activities members of the Palmetto A’s are invited to attend.



April 4 - 7 Charlotte Auto Fair

Charlotte, North Carolina

April 26 - 27 Old 96 Annual Swap Meet

Greenwood, SC

June 14-15 Mountaineer Antique Auto Club

52nd Anniversary Auto Show  

Fletcher, NC

August 4 - 10 MARC 2019 National Meet 

Dearborn, Michigan

September 21 International Model A Day


September 21 Model A Day at the Model A Museum

Hickory Corners, Michigan

October 7-11 Canyonlands Hub and Spoke

Tour of the Redrock Canyonlands of Southern

Utah and Northern Arizona


October 9 - 12 Hershey Swap Meet

Hershey, Pennsylvania

October 17 - 20 Charlotte Auto Fair

Charlotte, North Carolina

December 5-8 MAFCA National Awards Banquet

Claremont, California


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